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Hype Club X is a private Discord server that's goal is to help members make money! We've curated a welcoming and knowledgeable community that can take your game from 0-100. Whether its learning the ropes with sneaker botting, investing in bots, or establishing local plugs, we are here to teach it all! You can read up on more of our features and what our group provides below:

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The group is great, Augustus is very helpful, and the members are a pleasure to chat with day in and day out. If you’re even CONSIDERING joining, give the server a try. $20/mo is nothing compared to the amount of time and effort put into the guides and assistance everyone in the server has come together to offer.


When I first saw this cook group on twitter, I was debating whether or not I should try it out, I then immediately purchased a lifetime membership ! Probably the best $180 I’ve ever spent! Augustus hooked me up, and I will never regret it! One of the nicest and most friendly community’s that are in the sneaker game!


Was looking for a cook group to get back into sneakers and Hype Club was one of the first ones I found. This group is by far one of the best I’ve seen for it’s price. Everyone is super chill and helps each other out. Top of the line release info, monitors, support, and much more. Also, Augustus is by far the one of the most helpful and active cook group leaders that will go out of his way to see your success. Big things coming for Hype Club X no doubt.

Nathan Chong

Hype Club X

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am new to reselling? Do I need to have prior experience or bots to be successful?

No, not at all! We encourage beginers to join as we have guides in place to get you started, tens of experienced staff to teach you the ropes, and hundreds of friendly members to help you along the way! In regards to bots, you do NOT need one. Many of members profit from our group without the need of bots. We do support and teach botting as well though.

What happens when I purchase a membership?

Upon purchasing your membership, you will be emailed your membership "key" and a link to our dashboard. You'll want to open our dashboard, sign-in to your Discord account and input your key. From here you can directly join our server and manage your membership.

What regions do you support?

At Hype Club X, our focus is primarily on providing the best US based information possible! Our guides and staff are all US based, but much of our investments, bot flipping, and sneaker guides can help anyone across the globe make money!

Can you get a lifetime membership?

Yes! As of recently, we have decided to bring back lifetime memberships so members have the option to join without having to worry about monthly fees. These will be available on our website. We will also have a 30 day return policy to ensure everyone is happy with their purchase and commitment with our group.

Can I cancel my membership/get a refund after joining?

Yes, you can easily cancel your membership at anytime through our top of the line user dashboard. There is no commitment or catch to joining our group. However, with our monthly membership model All Sales are Final, so there are no refunds for monthly memberships.

How much does Hype Club X cost to join?

Memberships are $30 per month. This means you are billed $30 upon joining and then automatically billed once per month from that point. Memberships can be cancelled at anytime.