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Our Mission: 
We want to help entrepreneurial minded people like you start making their passion and interest in sneakers, an extremely profitable side hustle or even main business!

We are Hype Club X, a private Discord server revolved around helping our members profit from sneaker releases, botting, bot flips, day trading, sports betting, and other lowkey flips. We're the ultimate Cook Group curated and managed by some of the most experienced figures in the sneaker community. Hype Club X brings to most value of any group for an affordable $30! We provide our members with all of the information, guides, and tools they need to maximize their profits and start taking their resale game to the next level.

A Cook Group is a private Discord server that provides its members with all the tools and information they need for reselling sneakers & more!

Joining Hype Club X means becoming a member in our private server and having a permanent place in our cohesive community. We provide the ultimate Cook Group experience for all members looking to make extra money. We specialize in sneaker information and all members have access to our Botting investments, Stock Market investing, Sports betting, and various other flips as well.